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SOC 2 Type II
November 8, 2022

Announcing our SOC 2 Type II Report

We are excited to announce the latest in furthering our commitment to keeping our customers and company safe at the highest possible level. We received our company's SOC 2 Type II report, once again validating our best-in-class security and privacy commitment.

Synthetic ID Image
November 2, 2022

Synthetic Identity Fraud Threatens to Steal Millions from Businesses and Consumers

Synthetic identity fraud occurs when the perpetrator creates a completely fictitious identity with fake information. They may use stolen Social Security numbers or other personally identifiable information (PII) to create a unique profile that looks like an actual person.

bot detection webinar
October 31, 2022

[WEBINAR] Product Launch: Detect Bots in Real-Time with BotD

Watch our CTO/Co-founder Valentin Vasilyev and Head of Product Jack Spirou dive into the nuances of bot detection and how BotD by Fingerprint excels at detecting sophisticated bots that otherwise would go undetected by traditional means of detection.

Zero Trust Lock Image
October 28, 2022

How Zero Trust Will Lead to the Next Generation of Cyber Defense

In mitigating security vulnerabilities, zero trust focuses on solid authentication and encryption strategies for security-critical applications, minimizing attack surfaces by locking down the environment. Here's how to prepare for the next generation of cybersecurity.

Passwordless Authentication Image
October 27, 2022

Is Passwordless the Future of Authentication?

Passwordless login is being touted as the future of authentication. Advocates point to both greater security and an improved user experience — but is it enough? Here’s what you need to know about the shortcomings and challenges of passwordless authentication.

Cookieless Future Trash Can
October 21, 2022

What Is the Cookieless Future and What Does It Mean for Developers?

For decades, cookies have been an essential component of the online experience for users. With browsers intending to phase out third-party cookies in the near future, learn how this will change the internet operations for developers.

SDK Libraries Hexagon Image
October 14, 2022

Announcing our SDK Libraries

We know how vital SDKs and libraries are to our Pro customers and our open-source users. We have launched a new webpage that highlights all of the SDKs and libraries we currently support.

Social Engineering Keyboard
October 13, 2022

Why Social Engineering Attacks Are Successful with Technical Staff

No one is safe from social engineering - even the most tech-savvy professionals. Learn how cyber attackers are using new methods to trick users into giving personal or confidential information.

money 20/20 las vegas postcard promo
October 4, 2022

Meet Fingerprint at Money 20/20 2022

Meet Fingerprint at Booth #3504 at Money 20/20 in Las Vegas to hear how Fingerprint can increase approval rates and prevent financial fraud with high-accuracy device identification.

referral fraud image
September 30, 2022

How to Prevent Referral Fraud in Your Business

Referral fraud occurs when a user exploits your referral program to gain unearned rewards. These rewards include providing referrals that are not genuine, creating fake accounts to game the system, giving self-referrals, dispersing a referral code through channels that are not approved by the business, and more.

login identity theft
September 28, 2022

How Compromised Credentials and Identity Theft Contribute to Government Benefits Fraud

In this article, we’ll explain how identity theft works, how valuable it is to bad actors, how government benefit fraud is affected by identity theft, and what protection measures can be put in place to help prevent identity theft.

cloudflare integration wizard
September 23, 2022

Announcing our Cloudflare Integration Wizard

We recently released an integration with Cloudflare and have an exciting new update that makes it incredibly easy to set up and implement the integration. Let's highlight what’s possible with Fingerprint’s Cloudflare integration.