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Empowering developers to detect and prevent online fraud with the world's most accurate device identifier.


Empower developers to build safe and seamless online services


Any high scale website can use the Fingerprint platform APIs to reduce fraudulent transactions and increase legitimate transactions

$44M raised

Our investors

We have raised $44M and are backed by Craft Ventures (previously invested in Tesla, Facebook, and Airbnb), Nexus VP (previously invested in Postman and Hasura), and Uncorrelated Ventures (previously invested in Redis, Rollbar, and Gradle).

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Executive team

Dan Pinto photo

Dan Pinto

CEO and co-founder

Valentin Vasilyev photo

Valentin Vasilyev

CTO and co-founder

Alina Sarkissian photo

Alina Sarkissian

Director of People

Ekan Subramanian photo

Ekan Subramanian

VP of Engineering

Jack Spirou photo

Jack Spirou

Director of Product

Jeff Lee photo

Jeff Lee

VP of Finance

Joe Caiello photo

Joe Caiello

Director of Business Operations

Louise Westoby photo

Louise Westoby

VP of Marketing

Yair Areli photo

Yair Areli

SVP of Revenue

Our Values

No BS.

We are open and direct. We say what we mean and we mean what we say.

Fail. Learn. Grow.

We aren't afraid to take big bets and make mistakes along the way in order to build a truly successful business. All ideas are welcome and evaluated equally based on merit, not position.

Don't take yourself too seriously.

Whether playing online games or discussing company strategy, we try to have fun and bring our authentic selves to work.

Be level 5 helpful.

We believe in going the extra mile in helping both our peers and our customers.

Backstory and timeline

Fingerprint began as an open-source project called FingerprintJS in 2012. Our CTO and Co-founder, Valentin Vasilyev, managed the GitHub browser fingerprinting library until developing it into a SaaS product known as FingerprintJS Pro in 2019. Since then, Fingerprint has raised over $40 million in three rounds of funding and expanded its product offerings to include bot detection and the world’s most accurate device identification.

FingerprintJS as an open-source project
Our SaaS product launches as FingerprintJS Pro
Dan Pinto (CEO and Co-founder) joins
$4M Seed Round funding
$8M Series A funding in February
$32M Series B funding in November
FingerprintJS becomes Fingerprint
Fingerprint Pro becomes SOC 2 Type II certified

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