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BotD identifies automation tools, search bots and other sophisticated threats that go undetected by traditional means of detection. Add to your website with only a few lines of JavaScript.


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Our form spam detection is powered by BotD.

  • CDN
  • NPM
// Initialize the agent at application startup.
const fpPromise = import('<api-key>')
  .then(FingerprintJS => FingerprintJS.load())

  .then(fp => fp.get())
  .then(result => {
    // Result will contain the requestId property,
    // that you can securely verify on the server.
    const requestId = result.requestId

API response details

    "products": {
        "botd": {
            "data": {
                "bot": {
                    "result": "notDetected"
                "ip": "186.XXX.XXX.XXX",
                "time": "loading",
                "url": "",
                "userAgent": "Mozilla/5.0",
                "requestId": "1672692443036.aCJ3kO"

BotD provides a singular response with three available parameters.

"Good" if the bot is a search engine or friendly crawler, "Bad" if the bot is an automated tool or virtual machine, and "Not Detected" if the visitor is not considered a bot.

Developer-friendly bot detection

Read documentation

Extensive documentation

Our docs are written for developers - easy to read, easier to implement.

Lightweight agent

Minimal page speed impact, keeping your website fast.

Open Source Powered

Open source JavaScript agent and Cloud Integrations that are actively supported.

BotD integrates with all major cloud providers

Cloud integrations enable BotD to run on edge in a secure context to harden and protect your bot detection logic. See for yourself - all cloud integrations are 100% open source.

See integrations on GitHub

Use BotD to detect:

Browser spoofing

Identify users spoofing their hardware signals, browser features or user-agent to collect better data, improve AB testing outcomes, and pinpoint potential threats.

Automation tools

Detect automatic access of your site by commonly used technologies like selenium, puppeteer, playwright, and more.

Search bots

Identify search bots so you can let them crawl your web app unhindered, keeping your SEO rankings high across Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and more.

Virtual machines

Identify the software being used to access your web app via a virtual machine, including VMware, Parallels, VirtualBox and more.

Protect your website from the harmful effects of bots

Bots represent more than 40% of global website traffic and are responsible for the majority of cyberattacks. Bot attacks regularly cause data breaches, service outages and orchestrate account takeovers.

It is incredibly easy to spin up a bot farm that will use thousands of VMs to scan for critical information, perform XSS attacks and inject crypto-mining scripts, posing an existential risk to small and established websites alike.

How bots impact your site:

FraudLayer 1Layer 1

Malicious actors can easily buy login credentials and credit card numbers on the dark web, and test them on unsuspecting websites using bot farms. Identify automated attackers and lock them out before they can hijack customer accounts or make fraudulent purchases.

CyberattacksLayer 1Layer 1

2021 was the worst year on record for infrastructure outages caused by ransomware attacks. Beyond the headlines, cyberattackers are not only targeting public-facing websites, but internal portals and dashboards in order to hold businesses hostage. These cyberattacks require careful planning and execution, which you can predict by using bot monitoring on every web application that your company is using.

Fake ReviewsLayer 1Layer 1

Positive online reviews are worth their word count in gold. Stop businesses from generating fake reviews using bot networks, and protect the reputation of your online marketplace.

ScrapingLayer 1Layer 1

Whether it's Airbnb listings or airline prices, content scraping is a headache that's impossible to solve by conventional blocking techniques. You need real-time bot protection for content scrambling and data poisoning to stay ahead of the scrape.

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