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Open Source

Recommended for personal projects, and teams building their identifiers.

Browser fingerprinting library with high accuracy and stability.

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Recommended for businesses, and teams looking for a "turnkey" solution.

Cloud-hosted user identification service with 99.5% accuracy.

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Pro is Powered By Open Source

Fingerprint Pro introduces server-side identification techniques, deduplication analysis, and machine learning to generate stable and highly accurate visitorIDs for every web visitor.

Fingerprint Pro

Fingerprint Pro layers

Server-side analysis and machine learning

Holistic view of all attributes and layers below to generate the most stable and accurate visitorID

Storage and deduplication

Stores all attributes collected to do fuzzy matching and handle browser and OS upgrades

Cookie and local storage management

First party cookies and local storage

Open Source

Browser Fingerprinting Library

Generates browser fingerprints from exact matching browser attributes

Why Go Pro?

99.5% accuracy

Highest identification accuracy using fingerprinting, fuzzy matching and server-side techniques.

Secure data processing

Pro processes all information server-side and transmits it securely to your servers using our API.

Highly stable identifier

Pro's VisitorID remains the same permanently, even as browsers are upgraded.


Hosted and maintained by our team - ensure identification accuracy without in-house expertise.

Feature Comparison

Open Source


Core Features
100% Open-sourceyesno1
Standard fingerprint signals
screen, os, device name
Advanced fingerprint signals
canvas, audio, fonts
ID typefingerprintvisitorID2
ID lifetimeseveral weeksmonths/years
ID originclientserver
ID collisionscommonrare
Additional features
Incognito mode detection
works in all modern browsers - see our full list of browsers supported
Server-side accuracy increase
based on additional server-side signals, such as TLS crypto support, ipv4/v6 data and others
Query API & realtime Webhooks
build flexible workflows
based on IP address
Data securityYour infrastructureEncrypted at rest
StorageYour infrastructureUnlimited up to 1 yr
RegionsYour infrastructureHosting in US and EU
ComplianceYour infrastructureGDPR, CCPA compliant3
SLANo SLA99.9% Uptime
SupportGitHub communitySupport team via email, chat, and call-back within 1 business day
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1. Pro uses the open source fingerprinting library as well as proprietary technology for increased accuracy and identifier stability.

2. VisitorIDs, in comparison to fingerprints, include server side techniques, are deduplicated and utilize fuzzy matching to result in a more accurate and stable identifier. Fingerprint hashes rely on an exact match across all browser attributes, making them less stable across > 4 week time intervals.

3. Fingerprint Pro is GDPR and CCPA compliant as the data processor. You still need to be compliant as the data controller and use the identification for fraud under legitimate interest or ask for consent.

Pro plans start
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  • Transparent pricing
  • Monthly and annual plans
  • Unlimited API calls for 10 days
  • Money back guarantee
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  • Transparent pricing
  • Monthly and annual plans
  • Unlimited API calls for 10 days
  • Money back guarantee

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