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How Much Revenue Are You Leaving On The Table From Account Sharing?

Subscription sharing costs businesses over 9.1 billion a year and opens you up to security vulnerabilities. It is impossible to measure the true costs to your business without an accurate detection method.

Let us scope out the extent of your account sharing problem by booking a call with us. We will work with your team to set up a trial of Fingerprint Account Sharing Prevention and determine the revenue impact to your business.

How One Edtech Company Unearthed $10M+ in new revenue

Our client was struggling to prevent account sharing despite having a dedicated anti-fraud team

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Build Versus Buy

Whether you are looking to integrate visitor identification with your existing system or want a complete end-to-end solution, Fingerprint has an option for your business.

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Fingerprint Pro

Build your own system with our visitor identification API

Visitor Identification

Generates a 99.5% accurate visitorID for each unique device that visits your website. VisitorIDs will need to be mapped to your logins and stored so you can identify shared accounts

Additional Visitor Data

Collect geolocation, browser and device details, and incognito mode detection for every visitor. Access everything through our API or webhooks

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Account Sharing Prevention

An all-in-one solution for account sharing prevention

Visitor-Login Mapping

Fully identify shared accounts and assess the extent of sharing within your customer base by mapping our 99.5% accurate visitorIDs to your logins

Account Sharing Identification

Flag accounts that are being shared. Convert account sharing users into paying customers by setting up custom logic and rules that make sense for your business.

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Why is Fingerprint the #1 Choice For Account Sharing Prevention?

Catch account sharers where other tracking methods fail.

Mobile devices, infrequent logins, and privacy browsing make detecting account sharing difficult. An account can be misidentified as having multiple owners if their browsing behavior changes over time. Conversely, visitors can appear the same if not enough unique information is collected.

Fingerprint overcomes these technical challenges by using state-of-the-art browser identification and machine learning techniques.

Generate unique visitorIDs

Fingerprint uses browser fingerprinting, cookies, and other technologies including server-side detection techniques. By combining many identification methods, Fingerprint can reach a higher level of accuracy than any other solution.

Ensure visitorIDs are stable over time

Fingerprint uses fuzzy matching and other deduplication techniques. Fingerprint Pro associates new browsing history with the correct visitorID even if some details about the visitor have changed.


Chicago, Illinois

Chrome on MacOS


Chicago, Illinois

Chrome on MacOS

Learn More About Your Customers

Fingerprint Pro collects additional information to better understand your visitors. Use our geolocation and device data to build more targeted rules to catch account sharing.

  • Geolocation
  • Device details
  • Incognito browsing

Built for engineers, by engineers

Developer teams can easily incorporate Fingerprint into existing workflows or build from scratch with our highly accessible documentation and support.

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Learn how Fingerprint Pro can help your business build a custom solution to prevent account sharing and unlock new revenue.

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