Leak Articles

Apple ID region leak on iOS and iPad OS illustration
April 11, 2023

How Smart App Banners can be used to reveal Apple ID region

Discover a new privacy vulnerability affecting Apple iOS users and learn how your Apple ID country or region can be detected without your permission on Safari for iOS and iPadOS. Stay informed and protected with our informative series exploring potential privacy issues in Apple devices.

Social Engineering Keyboard
October 13, 2022

Why Social Engineering Attacks Are Successful with Technical Staff

No one is safe from social engineering - even the most tech-savvy professionals. Learn how cyber attackers are using new methods to trick users into giving personal or confidential information.

Safari 15 IndexDB API vulnerability
January 14, 2022

Exploiting IndexedDB API information leaks in Safari 15

In this article we discuss a software bug introduced in Safari 15’s implementation of the IndexedDB API that lets any website track your internet activity and even reveal your identity.

iCloud Private Relay Leak
September 20, 2021

iOS 15 iCloud Private Relay Vulnerability Identified

Learn more about this vulnerability in Apple’s new iCloud Private Relay service and how you can prevent your data from being leaked.