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Frederik Bussler is a consultant and analyst, with experience across innovative technology platforms such as Commerce.AI, Obviously.AI, and Apteo, as well as investment offices such as Maven 11 Capital and Invictus Capital.

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large language model fraud
September 20, 2023

Guide: Large Language Models-Generated Fraud, Malware, and Vulnerabilities

Discover how fraudsters use Large Language Models (LLMs) to conduct attacks, spread malware, and discover vulnerabilities in our comprehensive guide. Learn about the threats posed by AI-powered language models, understand the new age of automated cybercrime, and learn effective strategies to detect and prevent these sophisticated attacks.

The Definitive Guide to the Real Cost of Online Fraud Cover
August 29, 2023

The Definitive Guide to The Real Cost of Online Fraud

A comprehensive guide to understanding and combating payment, login, and sign-up fraud in financial services, online gaming, and software industries

P2P (Peer-To-Peer) Fraud Image
January 17, 2023

P2P (Peer-To-Peer) Fraud Research Guide

Peer-to-peer payments are digital payments that allow users to send and receive money directly from one person to another without needing a bank or other traditional financial institution. As more people use P2P payment systems, the potential for scams and fraud increases. In this fraud research guide, we provide you with the information you need to stay safe when managing P2P payments.

Chargeback Image
December 5, 2022

How Major Payment Processors Handle Chargebacks

Have you ever disputed a charge on your credit card? Chances are, you have. Whether the dispute was friendly or fraudulent, chargebacks are very costly for ecommerce companies. Learn about how major payment processors handle chargebacks and ten strategies you can use to prevent them from happening.

robots of the internet illustration
August 24, 2022

Bots Are Taking Over the Web—Here's How to Fight Back

In 2020, over one-third of all Internet users were bots according to a recent study. In this guide, we'll explore what bots are, how they’re used, the challenges in detection and how businesses can protect against them through bot detection software.

account sharing log in screen
July 12, 2022

The Ultimate Account Sharing Prevention Guide: How Netflix and Others Fight Fraud

This guide will go through some of the most publicized examples of account sharing causing issues for companies and their customers in recent years. We will also cover some methods these businesses use to catch and prevent account sharing without negatively impacting their customers' experience.

BNPLs in 2022
February 21, 2022

Buy Now, Pay Later: The Ultimate Research Guide

Buy now, pay later (BNPL) is growing exponentially. Here's a comprehensive review of growth metrics, a ranking of BNPL firms, BNPL fraud, and more.