Stop cryptocurrency fraud in its tracks

Crypto exchanges are highly appealing fraud targets. With our 99.5% accurate browser fingerprinting API, it's easy to identify fraudsters aiming to steal account credentials and transfer coins into their own wallets.

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Prevent online fraud from putting your exchange at risk

Cryptocurrency fraud protection
Secure your customers' wallets

Require additional authentication for suspicious visitors during login while keeping your trusted cryptocurrency users unhindered and safe.

Fraudulent purchase protection
Stop fraudulent purchases

Blacklist users that are card testing, card cracking, or have a history of fraudulent activity on your services.

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Secure your user's accounts without sacrificing anonymity

Crypto customers value their privacy and will abandon your exchange if you introduce too much friction in the pursuit of security. Fingerprint' highly accurate VisitorID allows developer teams to implement additional authentication for only the most suspicious logins, purchases, and transfers - and requires no additional information from your users.
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Reduce chargebacks with payment authentication

The best way to protect your merchant reputation is to identify purchases with a high likelihood of fraud before they can be processed. Build additional checks and balances into your payment flows with our easy to use API.
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Installation of Fingerprint' Javascript agent is easy. Start collecting unique VisitorIDs in minutes with a free account.

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