Fingerprint launches India data hosting

January 19, 2022
January 19, 2022
Fingerprint Pro India data hosting

We are excited to announce the launch of data hosting in India (Mumbai). This builds on top of our existing data centers in Europe and the USA.

The launch of the Mumbai region allows us to better support our existing Indian customers and fully reach compliance with India’s personal data protection requirements for all industries. This data center will also improve performance for Asia-based customers.

We’re focused on supporting the continued growth of our global customer base. Despite being Chicago-based, the majority of our customers are based outside of the US, with India as one of our fastest-growing markets. This launch allows us to better serve the Indian market for years to come by exceeding data governance requirements and providing world-class performance in the region.

For prospective customers

You can select Asia API (Mumbai) when creating a new account. We recommend any prospects in Asia or the Middle East select this data center on signup for best performance.

Signup India hosting selection

For current customers

Current customers can switch their hosting to the new AP-South-1 data region on request. If you wish to switch, please contact support to transfer your account.

About Fingerprint

Fingerprint Pro is a 99.5% accurate device identification service that helps prevent fraud, spam, and account takeovers. Pro’s JavaScript technology combines hundreds of signals inside any browser to generate a unique identifier that can be used to detect unusual behavior patterns such as devices entering stolen credit cards or the same browser using multiple IP addresses. Developer teams can easily integrate Fingerprint Pro into their existing fraud workflows using our well-documented API and webhooks. Try Pro for free today or talk to our sales team to learn more.

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