Four Ways to use Fingerprint Pro

August 16, 2022
August 16, 2022
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Device identification and fraud detection can mean different things to those across industries. For example, those in eCommerce may focus on reducing payment fraud, and those in subscription-based software might focus more on preventing account sharing. 

When you know what it'll look like in practice, it is much easier to figure out how to implement device identification to combat fraud. Fingerprint supports a wide range of use cases, including the ones mentioned above. To showcase each, we built a new section of our website to help visualize how highly accurate device identification can help common occurrences of online fraud and personalize the user experience. 

We launched the first four technical live demonstrations with included code snippets and will add more regularly:


Tailor the user experience for trusted and verified users with ease-of-use and upsell features such as geolocation suggestions, stored shopping carts, and purchase and browsing history. In this use case, we show you how to set up Fingerprint Pro to help you increase eCommerce sales. 

Credential Stuffing

Preventing credential stuffing is crucial to providing a safe, secure, and reliable login experience for your users. We show you how to set up Fingerprint Pro to build in additional authentication actions such as suspicious user flagging and challenge actions to keep fraudsters from taking over accounts through credential stuffing. 

Payment Fraud

Stolen credit card information or fraudulent chargebacks cost not just the consumer but also it costs businesses revenue year after year. Fingerprint Pro helps prevent costly payment fraud such as credit card cracking, credit card abuse, and chargeback fraud. We now have a technical demo with code snippets to show you how to set it up in your environment. 

Account Sharing Prevention

If you have an account sharing problem, you don’t know how big of a problem it is. With Fingerprint Pro’s account sharing prevention capabilities, we help you reduce account sharing and increase your overall subscription revenue by accurately identifying unique visitors for each account. 

Coming Soon: Loan Protection

You’ll be able to see how to set up Fingerprint Pro to best reduce loan application fraud at the source - the application stage. 

You can view the technical use cases and see them in a live demo.

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