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Head of Content Marketing


Courtney is Fingerprint's resident content marketer, weaving words about emerging digital fraud and the strategies for businesses to prevent it. She comes from a background in B2B SaaS startups and loves a good messaging challenge when solving complex customer pain points. When not navigating the World Wide Web, you can find her reading outside, attempting to get her dog to return her socks, or channeling Ina Garten in the kitchen.

Courtney Rogin Articles

Courtney Rogin's Articles

virtual machine detection
August 31, 2023

Virtual machines and fraud: the fraud attacks you can’t see

Learn more about virtual machines, the types of virtual machines available, how they’re used for fraud, and why virtual machine detection is essential as part of a robust fraud prevention strategy.

content scraping image
August 25, 2023

Understanding and Preventing Website Content Scraping

Discover the implications of AI-generated content scraping on websites. This article delves into the concept of web scraping, its techniques, and its impact on businesses. Learn how it can be used for both legitimate and malicious purposes, and how to protect your website from potential harm.

fingerprint 101 webinar
August 22, 2023

[WEBINAR] Fingerprint 101: Intro to Device Intelligence

Go back to school this fall and get to know the world's most accurate device identifier in this introductory webinar.

cover image device intelligence
August 18, 2023

Understanding device intelligence: unmask fraud in high-tech data environments

Learn more about what device intelligence is, how it works, and how it can solve even the most complex fraud detection and fraud prevention challenges.

android emulator android tampering
August 17, 2023

The basics of Android emulators and Android tampering and why detection is vital for mobile fraud prevention

This blog post aims to shed light on these two concepts, offering insights into the different types of Android emulators and tampering methods, how they work, why businesses should detect if these types of Android devices are visiting their website, and how device intelligence can help with this detection.

browser privacy illustration
August 15, 2023

Apple Safari 17 and Google Privacy Sandbox: What you need to know about changes to fingerprinting

Stay ahead of the latest browser privacy changes from Apple and Google. Discover how these updates impact fingerprinting in Safari 17 and third-party cookies.

ip geolocation fingerprint
July 26, 2023

IP geolocation: better identification, fraud detection, and user experience

Learn what IP geolocation is, how it works, how to use it for fraud detection and prevention, and how to combine it with our other Smart Signals.

ip blocklist matching
July 20, 2023

IP blocklist matching: what it is, how it works, and why it helps thwart fraudulent online activities

Learn about IP blocklist matching, an important tool for combating online fraud. Learn what it is, the benefits and challenges, and how it detects and prevents fraud.

dodgeball fingerprint
July 18, 2023

Fingerprint Partners with Dodgeball to Orchestrate Ideal Customer Journey and Reduce Fraud for eCommerce, Fintech, and Web3 Companies

​​Fingerprint and Dodgeball are now partners to help fintech, eCommerce, and Web3 companies stop fraud.

False Positives Kill Revenue
July 12, 2023

[Webinar] False Positives Kill Revenue: Practical Advice to Fight Back

False declines are a costly payment fraud issue for businesses and can lead to lost customers and revenue. It's estimated that businesses lose up to 3% of their annual revenue due to false declines. Join the webinar to learn how to fight back.

smart signals logo
June 6, 2023

Fingerprint Launches Smart Signals to Fight and Prevent Fraud

With the new capabilities, Fingerprint provides high-quality, accurate data to reveal the true intentions of every visitor, even if they’re anonymous

Auth0 marketplace announcement
May 16, 2023

We're now available on the Auth0 Marketplace!

We are excited to announce that Okta Customer Identity Cloud (CIC) customers can now integrate Fingerprint Pro, the world’s most accurate device identifier, to reduce instances of fraud and improve the user experience.