[WEBINAR] Why Accuracy is Everything in Device Identification

May 24, 2022
May 24, 2022

Whether you are catching fraudsters or personalizing web experiences, the accuracy of your device identifier may be holding your solution back. Accuracy matters in everyday life - baking a cake, solving math equations, and piloting an airplane all require precise accuracy to be successful. If accuracy is so crucial, you need to ensure you’re as accurate as possible when personalizing online experiences for your website visitors or detecting fraudulent online activity.   

Fingerprint Pro is there to help you with industry-leading 99.5% accuracy while detecting returning browsers or devices. How could that be possible across devices and browsers with a growing number of VPN and anonymous options for users?

Join our co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Valentin Vasilyev, and our Head of Product, Jack Spirou, as we discuss how we calculate our identifier accuracy, how Fingerprint Pro and our open source library differ, and why maximizing these metrics is so important for business outcomes. 

Watch the recording here.

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