E-commerce Fraud Prevention

Fingerprint is a 99.5% accurate browser fingerprinting service used to uniquely identify fraudsters on your ecommerce website and assign them a stable visitorID. Use our accurate visitor identification to stop fraudulent purchases, reduce coupon and promo abuse, and keep your customers' accounts safe. Build ecommerce fraud detection & prevention into your existing website and payment workflows with our flexible, developer-friendly API.

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Add Fingerprint to your tech stack to:

Account takeover alert
Identify malicious users out to steal PII

End account takeovers by attaching a unique identity to your website's visitors, even if they are browsing in incognito mode.

Payment processing fraud
Reduce chargebacks linked to CNP fraud

Reduce your chargeback rates from CNP fraud by detecting and preventing purchases from stolen cards before they hurt your bottom line.

Gift card abuse
Prevent gift card & coupon abuse

Detect visitors using stolen or fake identities to ensure that your coupons and promotions are used legitimately by real customers.

Ecommerce fraud
Avoid merchant penalties

Stay within chargeback limits and avoid merchant penalties imposed by payment service providers.

Fingerprint Pro dashboard

Flexible developer tools for ecommerce credit card fraud prevention

Incorporate browser fingerprinting and bot detection into your ecommerce website's existing workflows, and access suspicious visitor activity and geolocation at lightspeed from our API. Every business is different - minimize disruption to your customers by building an anti-fraud solution that works for yours.
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How Fingerprint Pro reduces account takeover

Stay protected throughout the purchase process, from customer login to payment

Fingerprint helps developer teams identify their ecommerce site's most vulnerable interactions and build authentication flows that won't overburden visitors. Uniquely identifying users at the login stage will reduce account takeovers that can result in fraudulent purchases and disputed payments.
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Reduce chargebacks one month after integrating Fingerprint on your website.

Every dollar of ecommerce fraud can cost retailers between 3 to 4 times as much - a loss mitigated with our 99.5% accurate browser fingerprinting and ecommerce fraud detection solution. With Fingerprint, you can protect your income against fraudulent orders that waste resources on labor, shipping, products, chargebacks, fines and more.

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