[VIDEO] Fingerprint Smart Signals overview

June 6, 2023
June 6, 2023

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Video transcript:

Fingerprint is a device intelligence platform built for high-scale web and mobile applications.

It achieves 99.5% accuracy in identifying online visitors – with a fast response that enables real-time decisioning, and high-quality, detailed data that let’s you build smarter actions.

Only Fingerprint has Smart Signals.

These are advanced indicators that provide better and more detailed data for machine learning and other processing. Let’s see how just a couple of these signals work.

The Fingerprint Browser bot detection Smart Signal identifies bot traffic in real-time on your website or mobile device. It can distinguish between real users and friendly SEO bots vs. malicious bots so that you can take appropriate action.

The Fingerprint IP blocklist matching Smart Signal checks IP addresses against a database of blocked addresses. It can detect known anonymizing services, and allow you to lock out malicious actors.

To get started with the most trusted device intelligence platform, visit our website, and check out the demonstrations and use cases, or start a free trial, and experience all the features of Fingerprint with your own web and mobile applications.

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