Fingerprint Partners with Dodgeball to Orchestrate Ideal Customer Journey and Reduce Fraud for eCommerce, Fintech, and Web3 Companies

July 18, 2023
July 18, 2023

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CHICAGO, IL – July 18, 2023 – Fingerprint, a global leader in device identification technology, today announced a partnership with Dodgeball to help fintech, eCommerce, and Web3 companies stop fraud and ensure known users have great customer experiences. Dodgeball deploys and orchestrates your ideal anti-fraud stack and automates your responses. Through this partnership, Dodgeball has integrated Fingerprint into its fraud journey orchestration platform, enabling customers to identify devices and browsers with extreme accuracy, respond in real time to fraud threats, and improve user experience. 

“To help address evolving customer requirements, Fingerprint is partnering with leading solution providers in identity, authentication, fraud, security orchestration, payments, and marketing. We’re thrilled to join our capabilities with Dodgeball’s user journey orchestration platform to reduce fraud for fintech, eCommerce, and Web3 companies,” said Chris Metzger, Head of partnerships at Fingerprint.

Dodgeball customers can quickly deploy Fingerprint’s device identification solution with a simple drag and drop and comprehensively protect every corner of their product from fraud. The combination of Dodgeball and Fingerprint enables customers to easily tweak decision logic and results, incorporate industry-leading device identification, and deploy new tools as fraud evolves without derailing product timelines or taking up valuable engineering time. 

Fingerprint’s device identification platform identifies visitors even when they attempt to conceal their identity online via incognito browsing, virtual private networks (VPNs), and privacy and cookie-blocking browser settings. Providing a complete view of all users across web and mobile devices — whether or not they are logged in or concealing their identity — enables companies to build best-in-class fraud detection and user experiences. By integrating Fingerprint with Dodgeball’s platform, Dodgeball and Fingerprint help customers provide a powerful, secure digital experience that helps stop fraud at key moments in the customer journey from account creation to sign-in and payments.

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About Fingerprint

Fingerprint, powered by the most accurate device fingerprinting technology, enables companies to prevent fraud and improve user experiences. Fingerprint processes almost 100 signals from the browser, device, and network to generate a stable and persistent unique visitor ID that can be used to understand visitor behavior. With a commitment to best-in-class data security and privacy, Fingerprint is proud to be ISO 27001 certified, SOC 2 Type II, GDPR, and CCPA compliant. Fingerprint is trusted by over 6,000 companies worldwide, including 16% of the top 500 websites, to help catch sophisticated fraudsters and personalize experiences for trusted users. Learn more at

About Dodgeball 

Dodgeball is an end-to-end fraud journey orchestration platform that integrates all the key parts of a fraud stack: fraud engines, identity intelligence, KYC, MFA, identity verification, chargebacks, cases and investigations. For online companies fighting ATO, account & content abuse, fraud, and malicious online activity, Dodgeball is an end-to-end fraud journey orchestration platform that integrates all Trust, Fraud & Security tooling, unifies user journey data, and enables instant in-product responses (e.g., MFA, ID Check, user blocks, etc.).
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