Fingerprint Triples Revenue and Users, Crosses One Billion Monthly API Calls

March 8, 2023
March 8, 2023
FY23 momentum press release

CHICAGO – March 8, 2023 – Fingerprint, the world's most accurate device identifier, experienced substantial revenue and platform usage growth during its most recent fiscal year, which ended January 31. The company welcomed new executive leadership, expanded their SDKs and open-source library offerings, and introduced support for new use cases.

Fingerprint empowers developers to build safe and seamless websites and is used by some of the most popular sites, including Dropbox,, and Neiman Marcus. Its device identifier can identify returning users with 99.5% accuracy, far surpassing the industry standard. This accuracy persists for months, while other methods of device identification are less accurate and only last for days or weeks. 

Founded in 2012 as an open-source library, which has since accumulated over 18 thousand GitHub stars and is downloaded over 300 thousand times a week, Fingerprint is used by 16% of the top 500 websites to detect fraudulent activity. This includes automated attacks, phishing attempts, payment fraud, and multi-accounting schemes. Over the past year, usage of Fingerprint’s VisitorID has expanded beyond fraud detection. By accurately identifying users, Fingerprint’s customers can improve conversions, better attribute marketing spend, and provide best-in-class user experiences while reducing fraudulent events.

“Last year marked another year of record growth across the company. We not only more than tripled annual revenue and product users, we also tripled employee headcount while still maintaining a 100% remote team.

This level of growth is a testament to how fundamental high-accuracy device fingerprinting is instrumental in solving fraud, providing a seamless experience on thousands of websites, and gaining unprecedented user insights across multiple touchpoints.” - Dan Pinto, CEO and co-founder of Fingerprint.

In its 2023 fiscal year (February 1, 2022-January 31, 2023), Fingerprint achieved the following milestones:

Corporate Momentum:

  • More than tripled revenue YOY, a 220% increase. 
  • Surpassed 14,000 user accounts.
  • Further expanded global presence by establishing sales teams in Europe and Asia Pacific regions.
  • Tripled global employee count, crossing the 100-person mark in Q4 2022. 100% of Fingerprint employees work remotely from over 24 countries. 
  • Expanded Fingerprint’s leadership team, adding Vice President of Marketing, Louise Westoby; Vice President Finance, Jeff Lee; and Head of Partnerships and Alliances, Chris Metzger. 
  • Fingerprint established partnerships with leading solution providers in identity, authentication, fraud, security orchestration, payments, and marketing, including Ping Identity, Spec, Vesta, and Unit21.
  • Achieved SOC 2 Type II compliance.
  • Recognized as a G2 Crowd leader for three consecutive quarters and, most recently, for High Performing and Easiest Setup in eCommerce Fraud Detection and Fastest Implementation in Fraud Detection.
  • Listed as one of InHerSight’s Top 10 Best Software Companies to Work For in December 2022 and January 2023. 

Product Innovation:

  • Expanded available SDKs and open-source libraries to 18, including the most popular client and server-side frameworks such as React, Angular, Next.js, and Node.js.
  • Launched key integrations with Cloudflare and Google Tag Manager.
  • Decreased iOS false positive and false negative rates by 85%.
  • Released new bot detection capability, which extends Fingerprint’s device identity platform to detect sophisticated automated threats otherwise missed by traditional identification methods.

Product Usage and Adoption: 

  • Implemented by more than 6,000 companies, including 16% of the top 500 websites by traffic.
  • Expanded paid customer base by 49%, adding 190 customers. New customers include both innovative startups and enterprises, including Dropbox,, and Ramp.
  • Significantly increased product usage, averaging over one billion API calls monthly.
  • Crossed 18,000 stars on GitHub for FingerprintJS, Fingerprint’s open-source browser fingerprinting library. 

Fingerprint is available as an open-source project, a free trial version, or as a fully supported subscription product. Get started identifying users across all touchpoints of the customer journey for free today at

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Fingerprint, powered by the most accurate device fingerprinting technology, enables companies to prevent fraud and improve user experiences. Fingerprint processes hundreds of signals from the browser, device, and network to generate a stable and persistent unique VisitorID that can be used to understand visitor behavior. With a commitment to best-in-class data security and privacy, Fingerprint is proud to be SOC 2 Type II, GDPR, and CCPA compliant. Fingerprint is trusted by over 6,000 companies worldwide, including 16% of the top 500 websites, to help catch sophisticated fraudsters and personalize experiences for trusted users. Learn more at

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