Announcing our SDK Libraries

October 14, 2022
October 14, 2022
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Fingerprint is constantly adding more SDKs and developer libraries to ensure embedding our code is a seamless experience regardless of your tech stack. 

Our new webpage highlights all of the available SDKs and libraries we currently support and are categorized by function to make finding ones relevant to your needs easy. 


Fingerprint supports Android, iOS, and Google (Flutter) SDKs, allowing developers to integrate device identification into native mobile apps. Additionally, we offer support for React Native, which enables developers to use Fingerprint Pro capabilities in the React Native context. All Fingerprint Pro agent capabilities are fully supported.


Fingerprint supports the top libraries and JavaScript agents used by developers and companies worldwide. Fingerprint provides those using libraries like Svelte, Vue.js, and React.js a native experience to incorporate Fingerprint’s JavaScript into a codebase. 


On the backend, we support Go, Node, and Python SDKs to aid in the development of code to fetch Fingerprint event data from our server API. This event data can be used with fraud decision engines or other internal tools to bolster accuracy and reliability. We also support OpenAPI for API and Webhooks, making it easier to develop integrations with our internal API. 

We know how vital these SDKs and libraries are to our Pro customers and our open-source users. As we continue to grow, so will our list of SDKs and libraries we support. 

For more information on the SDKs and libraries Fingerprint supports, check out our new page here, and for more on how to utilize them check out our documentation here.

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