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  "visitorId": "undefined",
  "confidence": { "score": undefined },
  "botInformation": { ... },
  "incognito": undefined,
  "ip": "undefined",
  "ipLocation": { ... },
  "firstSeenAt": { ... },
  "lastSeenAt": { ... }
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The world’s most accurate visitor identifier


99.5% accuracy

Highest identification accuracy using fingerprinting, fuzzy matching and server-side techniques.


Permanent identifier

Fingerprint's visitor identifier remains the same for months, even as browsers are upgraded.

Correctly identified devices
  • 100K
  • 75K
  • 50K
  • 25K
  • 0
  • 99,500
    30 days
  • 99,003
    60 days
  • 98,507
    90 days
  • 98,015
    120 days
  • 60,000
  • 36,000
  • 21,600
  • 12,960
Days after initial identification

Platform capabilities

Web and mobile support

Identify devices in native iOS and Android applications in addition to browsers.


Receive instant notifications delivered securely to your backend systems.

Server-side API

Integrate into your server-side business rules or signup process.

Easy to install

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Install agent

Install the JavaScript agent and then add the code snippet to your pages.


Create a subdomain

Use your own domain with Fingerprint to improve accuracy.


Fingerprint provides SDKs built with best practices for the most popular client- and server-side frameworks and third party service providers.