[WEBINAR] The State of Payment Fraud & How to Prevent It

September 7, 2022
September 7, 2022
webinar payment fraud

Payment fraud is a global threat for businesses that conduct transactions entirely or partially online. Fraudulent payments can take many forms, such as card cracking, credit card fraud, friendly fraud, and mobile payment fraud. We’ve written about several types of payment fraud previously and you can get a full overview in our webinar: The State of Payment Fraud & How To Prevent It.

Our customer success wizard, Gabe, hosts the webinar, where we discuss the global impact of payment fraud and what it costs businesses, and how payment fraud can occur. You’ll also learn about the top warning signs of attempted fraud and how Fingerprint Pro can help you detect and prevent costly payment fraud with 99.5% accurate device identification. 

You can keep chargebacks to a minimum by preventing fraudulent attempts during checkout, protecting your bottom line, and preserving your online reputation. And we’ll show you how in the next webinar.

Watch the recording!

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