Identify visitors you can trust. And those you can’t.

Over 6,000 companies trust Fingerprint’s highly accurate, real-time device intelligence to determine the true intentions of every user — even if they’re anonymous.

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The platform

Recognize your users across all touchpoints

Fingerprint provides a complete view of your users across web and mobile. The visitor identification API identifies up to 99.5% of returning visitors, while Smart Signals provide actionable real-time intelligence about visitor intent.

The device intelligence platform


Highly accurate signals to power your data models

Identification signals
BrowserMobile application
Smart Signals
Bot detectionDeviceNetworkUser behavior
WebhooksServer-side APIs
Fraud modelsAnalytics toolsUser platforms
Use cases

Solve big problems with device intelligence

Fingerprint provides actionable information that enables engineering, fraud, and product leaders to quickly solve their toughest security, analytics, and user experience challenges.

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Prevent Fraud

Get access to highly accurate signals to power your fraud and risk engines.

Improve User Experiences

Increase revenue and conversions through seamless user experiences.

Understand Your Traffic

Uncover learnings about your users by recognizing every visitor across web and mobile apps.

why fingerprint

The world’s most accurate visitor identifier

As third-party cookies are deprecated and changes to browsers and operating systems make identity more challenging, we are focused on ensuring our accuracy is the highest on the market.

99.5% accuracy

Highest identification accuracy using fingerprinting, fuzzy matching, and server-side techniques.

Permanent identifier

Consistent visitor ID over months or years, even as browsers are upgraded.

Identify bots and humans

Distinguish between bots and humans in order to build more intelligent workflows.

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Smart SignalsNEW

Real-time actionable intelligence

Use Fingerprint Smart Signals in combination with the highly accurate visitor ID to make intelligent decisions about your browser and mobile application traffic.

Bot detection signals

Protect against nefarious bots and Android emulator farms.

User behavior signals

Quickly determine if an incognito user is hiding their identity with malicious intent or has tampered with an Android device.

Network signals

Accurately identify a user’s location and determine if they are trying to hide behind a VPN or are on an IP blocklist.

Device signals

Use 35 raw browser identification signals to improve the accuracy of your models.

Easy for developers to implement

Developers can get started quickly with our robust developer features including intuitive APIs and extensive documentation.

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API and webhooks

Access visitor history in real time. Receive notifications delivered securely to your back-end systems.

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Get started quickly with seamless third-party integrations to get the most value out of your current tech stack.

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SDKs and libraries

Easily implement our code using SDKs and libraries for the most popular languages and frameworks.

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