Case Study

How a top 100 global consumer brand solved promotion fraud

A major consumer brand built a state-of-the-art web portal for redeeming promotional items using Fingerprint Pro. Their solution was able to maintain low levels of promotion fraud at events without requiring a cumbersome login process.

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Discouraged promotion abuse

With Fingerprint’ visitor identification, the web portal successfully stopped visitors from redeeming multiple offers at live event booths.


Improved conversion rates

By not requiring a username and password and instead validating promotion redeemers with Fingerprint, participants redeemed more offers.

Easy to use

Easy to install for a unique use case

Fingerprint Pro’s un-opinionated visitor identification solution made it easy for the developer team to add visitor identification where it was needed while saving time configuring complicated rules engines.

Customer Overview

Fingerprint began working with a consumer brand looking to develop a promotion redemption process for trade shows and sponsored events.

Sector:Food Manufacturing
Use Case:Promotion Abuse

Fingerprint Features

  • 99.5% Accurate Identification
  • Browser Fingerprinting
  • GDPR and CCPA Compliant
  • Incognito Mode Detection
  • Geolocation

The problem

Maximizing the impact of promo items at live events was a priority

As product supply is always a limiting factor at events, the company wanted to design a system to ensure that visitors to booths at sponsored events receive only one free item each. The validation process needed to be quick and easy to use as to not discourage visitors from interacting and receiving a free gift.

The company also needed to reduce friction to redeem offers at the booth

The initial design was a web portal where participants can register and log in with a username and password to receive a redemption code, which could be displayed to a company employee. However, the design required a lot of input from the participant, and the conversion rates on the login screen were low. The company wanted to include an easier option that could identify a visitor by their browser or device without requiring a login process.

Why Fingerprint

The company came across Fingerprint when investigating solutions for device identification. They started with a pilot of the open source product, and eventually upgraded to a Pro account for CNAME integration and increased accuracy.

Successful pilot that discouraged abuse and increased conversion rates

The company opted to pilot Fingerprint as an alternative validation method to the login process that would only run if visitors explicitly selected the Fingerprint option. They found that a large number of visitors chose this simpler method to receive their free promotional item, significantly increasing the offer conversion rate.

They also found that the accuracy of Fingerprint Pro to be sufficiently high for their use case - visitors were successfully deterred from trying to redeem multiple promotions, and legitimate visitors were able to be validated quickly even from mobile networks.

Superior performance and ease-of-use

The company had used multiple device identification services in the past. Many of these tools utilize complicated rules engines that make setup and calibration difficult, and require their signals to be used in a prescribed way. Fingerprint Pro’s API and webhooks are designed for developer teams to seamlessly integrate visitor identification into existing products wherever it is needed, allowing their team to quickly define validation logic for the brand’s specific use case.

The company was also able to pilot Fingerprint for free, whereas other competing anti-fraud services require a large upfront investment to begin testing their solutions.

Strong company trajectory and vision

The company wanted to use an anti-fraud provider that had measurable traction and was likely to be an industry leader for years to come.

Fingerprint Pro is a venture-backed startup with over $12M raised and is built using core technology from the most popular open source browser fingerprinting library. After receiving a recommendation for Fingerprint from a consulting firm and their own internal investigation, the company felt confident in Fingerprint’ product and company trajectory.

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