Case Study

How a high-growth contest company used Fingerprint to prevent fraudulent entries into online contests

The company significantly reduced the instances of multiple entries to ensure the integrity of contests on their platform.

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99% real submissions

Using Fingerprint Pro, the company can now ensure actual participants are consistently rewarded, resulting in a better experience for them.

Rapid integration

Using Fingerprint Pro’s secure API, the company added the library to their existing project and started collecting visitorIDs on their signup page in minutes.

Time and money saved

By vastly reducing illegitimate submissions, their engineering team can prioritize other high-impact areas of their business instead of building a complete fraud detection solution in-house.

Customer Overview

The company is a fan engagement platform that connects brands to fans with contests, sweepstakes, and other games.

Use Case:Signup Protection

Fingerprint Features

  • 99.5% Accurate Identification
  • Browser Fingerprinting
  • GDPR and CCPA Compliant
  • Incognito Mode Detection
  • Geolocation

The Problem 

A big issue when running contests, whether online or in person, is individuals attempting to game the system by entering multiple times to increase their chances of winning. As a result, the company needs to ensure its contestants know they are signing up for contests with a real chance of winning. 

Why Fingerprint 

The company discovered Fingerprint after browsing the NPM (Node Package Manager) registry and decided to try the open-source version. Almost immediately, they transitioned to the paid version, Fingerprint Pro, given its higher device identification accuracy of 99.5%. 

“We recommend Fingerprint to businesses that need to uniquely identify their users, especially where other ID methods are unacceptably cumbersome.”

Quick POC (Proof-of-concept) and implementation 

The company was able to quickly test the accuracy of Fingerprint after implementation. They ran a proof of concept test by challenging employees to attempt to enter a contest multiple times, which they could not. After this small-scale test, the company felt comfortable implementing Fingerprint in their product and continued testing with real users. 

Room for growth 

As fraud prevention tactics grow more commonplace, fraudsters will iterate and introduce new methods of fraudulent activity. The company quickly understood the limitations of using browser fingerprinting alone as a method of identification and plans to take advantage of Fingerprint Pro’s advanced signals to understand their fraudulent traffic better. 

Ease of Use

The company needed an easy tool to set up as a high-growth startup. Given the ease of use and implementation, only one engineer is responsible for the entirety of Fingerprint’s usage at the company.

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