Fingerprint Pro price increase

December 7, 2021
December 7, 2021
Fingerprint Pro Pricing Changes

We are increasing the price of Fingerprint Pro for all new paying subscriptions starting on January 1, 2022.

Our new pricing will be $2 for 1,000 API calls. For all On-Demand subscriptions, pricing will still be billed based on monthly usage, with the minimum paid plan starting at $200 for 100,000 API calls. The free plan will continue to allow up to 20,000 API calls per month at no cost.

This is a 100% increase from our current pricing. We have had the same price since 2019 and have invested heavily in the product since then, adding new features, increasing visitorID accuracy, and improving ease of use. Ultimately we believe that the service is now much more valuable to our customers, and plan to continue investing in Pro improvements in the coming year.

For current paying subscriptions

As of January 1st 2022, all current paying subscriptions will be grandfathered into their current pricing plan and will not have their rates increased. The billing method and payment period associated with your account will not change.

However, any additional subscriptions after January 1, 2022 that are added to an account will be charged at the new rate.

For free plan subscriptions, and those new to Fingerprint Pro

All subscriptions that upgrade to a paid plan before January 1st will lock in our old pricing. This represents 50% off our future price. If you are considering becoming a paying customer in the future, we recommend signing up in December before prices increase.

For those who are ramping up Fingerprint Pro usage but are on a free plan today, we recommend upgrading to the minimum On-Demand plan to lock in the discounted rate. Free plan customers can upgrade to a paid On-Demand plan in the Pro dashboard after logging in. If you expect your account will make 1+ million API requests per month, please contact sales for custom enterprise plans.

Those new to Fingerprint Pro can sign up for free and get unlimited API calls for 10 days.

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